Work Schedule Apps For Employees Help Employers Meet Business Needs

Using an app for employee schedule management at work brings some great benefits for managers, supervisors, and employees. Management can build and assign schedules easily from anywhere. Businesses can feel confident knowing that needs are staffed properly. Scheduling conflicts can be addressed, as needed, quickly and efficiently.

Schedules are immediately available for employees to view from anywhere, allowing them to plan for the weeks ahead. If there is a conflict, employees can immediately notify their manager or supervisor, so that provisions can be made. If preferred, employees can also choose to trade shifts to satisfy unforeseen changes in their short-term availability.

Work Scheduling App VS the Alternatives for Employee Schedule management

Scheduling workflows vary between companies. The approach you take for your organization can make a meaningful difference to your business operations. Although scheduling software and apps can work well for the vast majority of businesses, some choose to use alternative methods.

Scheduling Software Only
For the past few decades, the standard among businesses was to perform all scheduling tasks on a pc. While similar to the software and app approach, staff could only build, edit, or view schedules at times when they had a computer available to them.

Scheduling App Only
Many businesses today use this approach exclusively as it provides the greatest benefits and flexibility. There is no hardware to purchase and maintain, simply using the mobile devices that their staff already carry, usually at all times. The primary benefits of realtime schedule management and communication are maintained. This works for businesses without complicated workflow where full-featured scheduling software is not required.

Printed Timesheets
The tried and true approach of posting a work schedule at a prominent location in the workplace still fits the needs of a subset of businesses. While lacking in flexibility, all employees at the location know where to find their schedule week after week.

Nothing at all
While not ideal for the vast majority of workplaces, some businesses, especially with minimal staff, choose this approach. We all know someone who’s had the same job for decades, goes in at 8, takes lunch at 12, and leaves at 5. Obviously, this has severe drawbacks for all but the simplest of work scheduling needs.

Business needs are more complex than ever. With many companies having mixed staffing needs, multiple locations, and ever-changing dynamics, powerful work scheduling apps and software often makes the most sense. When effectively utilized, a proper work scheduling app can assist staff in having the appropriate people in the appropriate places to meet business demands.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling 

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management.

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ShiftVIEW is a powerful scheduling software offered by Acumen Data Systems, displayed on this monitor.

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important.

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