Mobile Timekeeping with ClockVIEW Mobile

Acumen’s time tracking solutions are ideal for your mobile timekeeping workforce. The ClockVIEW Mobile application was built from the ground up for Android and Apple devices, and is the perfect tool for mobile and off-site employees. 

With the ever-shifting needs of a mobile workforce, you need flexible, real time tools to manage and track your employees. With ClockVIEW Mobile, employees can clock in or out, manage their hours, and check their schedule from anywhere. With the same application, supervisors can track employee’s locations, edit and approve time cards, and manage tasks.  

Mobile Functionality for your Mobile Workforce 

ClockVIEW Mobile works on Android or iOS and provides all of the functionality of a basic time clock, plus a number of features that are unique to mobile devices. 

For example, if your implementation enables location tracking through ClockVIEW Mobile, you can confirm that your employees are clocking in on-site. This means that punches coming from unapproved locations won’t automatically be accepted, while punches coming from work sites will be. A supervisor can also see any mobile employees’ status, and update that status in real-time. 

With ClockVIEW Mobile, you can keep tabs on all of the employees in your mobile workforce without having to leave your office. 

How do you know your mobile employees are in the right place at the right time? Without tools like ClockVIEW mobile, an employee could be working off-site, or couch-surfing at home, and you would have no way to know for sure without checking for yourself. 

Explore your options with ClockVIEW: automate timekeeping and job tracking, stop overpaying employees, save your company money, and take control of your mobile workforce today.