Automatic Regulatory Employee Compliance with Time and Attendance

Ensuring Regulatory Employee Compliance is Easy with Acumen’s Time & Attendance Software 

Acumen’s employee time and attendance software allows your business stay compliant to state and federal regulations. Our software is always reliable and secure, giving your business easy access to historical records and advanced auditing features. Your business will be able to easily ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, FairPay Rules, PCI, and other regulatory guidelines. 

Sarbanes-Oxley and FairPay Rules Compliance 

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance affects most businesses in the United States. This regulation requires reliability and accuracy for corporate financial disclosures. Ensuring Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for your time and attendance data is easy with Acumen’s employee time tracking software, because all employee wage and labor data is organized, recorded, and preserved for future reference. 

Best of all, Acumen’s employee time and attendance software includes a convenient Auditor Report feature. The Auditor Report can be used to automatically create a report that is ready for auditors- fitting a variety of commonly used audit formats. It does the hard work of compiling current and historical data for you. 

FairPay Rules, originally issued by the Wage and Hours Division of the US Department of Labor, establishes complex rules concerning overtime pay and salary deductions. Your company could face significant fines and other penalties if found to be in violation of these regulations. 

In addition, when audited, the Department of Labor can go back as far as three years. It is essential to keep a record of your historical employee data. Tracking employees’ time and attendance is critical to mitigate any liabilities for your company. Inaccurate time tracking can cost a company a considerable amount. 

With Acumen’s employee time and attendance software, compliance is a simple matter. Our systems preserve your historical employee data you can be sure it’s there when you need it. 

Secure Systems for Employee Data 

Get Acumen’s workforce management, business automation, and employee time and attendance to get 99.999% uptime assurance. Acumen’s Tier-1, geographically dispersed data centers ensure you’ll have access to your data at any time, day or night. 

Faced with regulatory mandates from GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, NCUA, and others, growing companies can no longer rely on internal networks to house their employee information. That’s why Acumen’s Software as a Service ClockVIEW applications ensure compliance and peace-of-mind. Acumen’s secure data centers boast 99.999% uptime. 

Data Center Overview 

Our secure data centers have great uptime, and are ready to handle the evolving needs of any company. 

We offer fully featured datacenters to support our clients: 

  • Conditioned Power UPS Systems 
  • BGP/4 Support 
  • N+1 HVAC Systems 
  • Generator Power Backup 
  • Highly Reliable 99.999% Uptime 
  • Resilient Tier-1 Data Centers 

Data Security 

Security is our first priority at Acumen Data Systems. Our client’s data security is just as important as our own, and we treat it as such. 

To ensure the highest level of protection, our data security protocols are ready for anything: 

  • Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Biometric Authentication 
  • 24/7 Surveillance Systems 
  • Escorted Visit Access Only 
  • Year-Round Network & Security Monitoring 
  • Industry Standard SSAE 16 Auditing Ready 

Complete Staff Support 

To provide you with the necessary support and certainty of quality, Acumen has trained and fully-certified engineering staff. In addition, we have software engineers that are certified with Linux, Citrix, Cisco, and Microsoft to handle our customers service and support needs on demand. 

The Acumen team is ready to support your business with design, implementation, and service. Every step of the way. 

Keep everyone on the same page with time and attendance software that ensures regulatory compliance. 

Acumen’s Expertise Ensures Total Compliance 

Our timekeeping software and systems make it easier for your business to comply with any regulatory mandates like FairPay Rules, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, and others. With the greatest insurance of accountability, accessibility, and accuracy, Acumen’s solutions provide compliance and peace of mind. 

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling 

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management.

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important.

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